A new love. (Other People’s Food Post #1)

I’ve decided that I must post more, even if I don’t have the fortitude to come up with my own recipe. Today’s star dish is fromĀ The Crumby Kitchen, and it is a recipe I have been making for a few years now.

My “new love,” referenced above, is alfredo sauce. Perhaps, growing up, I only ever had bottled, gross, mass-produced alfredo. Who wants that shizz? No one.

The husband and I love our local Italian restaurant, Picasso’s. I’ve never liked fettuccine alfredo until I tried theirs on a whim. It. is. perfect. The sauce is light and packed with flavor, and perfectly coats to their beautifully-cut fettuccine.

Look at that marvelous creation.

Perhaps it was my new-found love for alfredo, combined with my Local Fare delivery of sweet potatoes and gorgeous San Marzano tomatoes, that reminded me of this favorite recipe in my collection.



Spiralizing veggies to sub for pasta is by no means a new craze, and, let’s be honest – it does not hit the spot as pasta does.


It is pretty fun and satisfying to spiralize something – though a little scary, depending on your spiralizer. Mine has a blade that looks like a guillotine! And, in this recipe, the sweet potato “noodles” balance perfectly with the oh-so-decadent sauce.


After making a quick tomato sauce with shallots, you combine said sauce with a lovely alfredo sauce, and the results are delectable.

This recipe does require a lot of dishes – so I’d advise planning well so you can reuse pots or pans without having to dirty new ones.

I want this tomato alfredo to be part of my regular rotation. Tomato alfredo all the time!


Beauty, thy name is alfredo.

Recipe found here.

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